Map app setup

You can access and follow all your downloaded maps even when offline (without a cell signal) by adding the page to your homescreen by following these steps.

1. From the homepage tap  (Android) or  (iOS) and then "Add to Home Screen".

2. Now, simply always use the homescreen button to perform your map app functions (e.g. enter physical map download codes, download maps from list of nearby maps, or search).

3. All downloaded maps will then appear in the list of "My Maps" and can be followed even when offline.

Get Google Map directions to trailheads

1. Simply click trailhead or parking icons in your downloaded maps for Google map directions to the trailhead. An internet or cell connection is required to use Google Maps. Note, this feature works best by first ensuring that you have the Google Maps app installed on your device.


Q. Where are the physical map download codes?

A. Physical maps are planned to begin appearing on trails in the Crested Butte area in the summer of 2015. Until then maps can be easily accessed and downloaded from the list of nearby maps or searching for them.


Q. Why is my GPS location not shown?

A1. It sometimes takes a moment for your device to fix your GPS location...wait for it.

A2. Is Airplane mode turned ON? iOS and some other devices turn GPS OFF when you turn on Airplane mode ON. So first try turning Airplane mode OFF.

A3. Is something blocking Global Positioning Satellite signals (e.g. are you in a building, behind a cliff, or under a large piece of furniture)?

A4. Does your device have a GPS chip? Some devices like WiFi-only iPads can only show your location in areas with WiFi.

A5. Use a third party "GPS Status" app to determine whether or not GPS satellites can fix your location.


Q. Why is the map app not showing map tiles or behaving erratically?

A1. Try refreshing the map app by pressing “Refresh”.

A2. Full or even nearly full device memory causes problems for most any app. For iOS, go to Settings>Generals>Storage. If nearly full, “Manage Storage”. For Android go to Settingss>Storages and make more memory available.

A3. Ensure that you always download map apps via the button you added to your homescreen.


Q. The map app is not working on my device. What should I do?

A. Contact us and tell us the make and model of your device, along with the version number of your operating system, and provide a brief description of the issue.