#OneGoodRide Instagram Roundup August 2017

by Laurel Runcie

#OneGoodRide Instagram Roundup August 2017

by Laurel Runcie

Summer has blown by and in the morning there's a hint of chill in the air signifying the approach of fall. The wildflowers are still on point with huge blooms of fireweed and handlebar-high segments still holding strong in the alpine but time is running out to get some rides in before flower-season winds down and the leaves change. This past month has been busy. We've hosted the Yeti Tribe Gathering and countless other riders all while trying to knock out as many Trailquest miles as we can. The next couple weeks will also be busy while Outerbike and the Big Mountain Enduro converge on Crested Butte August 18-20. If you happen to come to either event be sure to say hi if you see us hanging out at our tent! Here's our pick of the top 5 Instagram photos from this past month that used #OneGoodRide in their post. Give these folks a follow for some of the best mountain biking content from the Gunnison Valley.


@shredlymia instagram roundup @shredlymia is a proud Yeti owner and local ripper who you may recognize from our other Instagram Roundups. She loves her bike and was even more stoked to see the Yeti Tribe Gathering come to Crested Butte this year. This image is from one of the awesome group rides that happened over the course of the weekend.


@jason.janelle instagram roundup We love the color scheme on @jason.janelle's Pivot (kinda looks like our site, actually), especially when matched with a backdrop like this one. This shot came out of a ride on Canyon Creek trail near the Monarch Crest. This epic downhill may be one of the best in the valley.


@thegunnygirl instagram roundup Just because the alpine is open doesn't mean that Hartman Rocks isn't riding prime right now. With all the rain we've had in July and early August some of the best riding escapes are right outside of sunny Gunny. Trails are tacky and you're more likely to avoid the weather. @thegunnygirl put her camera to good use on Skyline, soaking in the vista before riding through.


@spillway18 instagram roundupStar Pass and Crystal Peak were some of the last trails to open up this year, and @spillway18 got on them right as they did. This area is remote and takes a long ride or 4wd to reach the trailhead, but the reward is a high-alpine zone with plentiful wildflowers and fewer crowds than the 403 or 401.


@danielupkes instagram roundup After getting rained on during the road climb up 401, the skies started to clear up right at the top of the singletrack climb allowing @danielupkes to grab this picture. With the sun already so low, it took some real effort to make it back to Mt. Crested Butte before dark.