#OneGoodRide Instagram Roundup July 2017

by Daniel Kreykes

#OneGoodRide Instagram Roundup July 2017

by Daniel Kreykes

The alpine season is finally here in full force. Yes, we know that the 401 still has limited access, but limiting yourself to this ride is limiting your imagination for everything else there is to ride in the Valley. Case in point, this month's #OneGoodRide Roundup features photos from some of the lesser-known trails in the valley. Trails that have short rideable windows, maybe a little hike-a-bike, or are just a little farther away from town than the rest. Enjoy these selections, follow their profiles, and remember to use #OneGoodRide for your chance to be featured in August!


@14erskiers instagram roundup @14erskiers is one of the best Instagram accounts in the valley, and boy do they get after it. With the launch of our new Trailquest game inside the CBGTrails map app, they have been eating up the miles and are currently sitting in first and third place on the leaderboard. Part of the reason that they're so successful is their willingness to take on big missions like the one that lead to this shot. We won't give up too many of their secrets, but this particular ride is east of Gunnison in an area better known for its elk hunting than its mountain biking.


@crested_butte_is_home on matchless trail@crested_butte_is_home is once again featured on our Instagram Roundup because who doesn't love a shot of above-treeline riding? This particular shot comes to us from Matchless Trail. You may not have heard of it, but if you've ridden Doctor Park you know the area. Kudos to @crested_butte_is_home for getting out of the grind and riding something off the beaten path.


@shredlymia point lookout trail   The ladies of the Gunnison Valley shred harder than most anyone anywhere, and @shredlymia is no exception. That doesn't mean that she doesn't take the time to enjoy the rewards of a hard-fought climb before dropping into the ribbon on Point Lookout Trail.


@trentbonaphoto evolution bike park If you want killer content from the Gunnison Valley then @trentbonaphoto is the person to follow. We love this perspective of @lifeofadirtbag and @emilystromdavis ripping through the berms at Evolution Bike Park. In fact I have some serious FOMO looking at this picture while I type.


@tomruncie dyke trail@tomruncie is another die-hard Trailquest fanatic, and the pursuit of unique miles lead him and @laurelelin to the Dyke Trail last weekend. While some people pass this trail by, it's easy to see why you shouldn't if you're in the area. During the fall this trail rolls through the largest aspen grove in Colorado and takes on a whole different kind of beauty.