#OneGoodRide Instagram Roundup June 2017

by Daniel Kreykes

#OneGoodRide Instagram Roundup June 2017

by Daniel Kreykes

Another busy month has come and gone in the Gunnison Valley. Some highlights include The Original Growler over Memorial Day, a 64 mile race won by 1 second; the release of our new map APP CBGTrails which includes Trailquest, a game that challenges you to ride all 750 miles of Gunnison Valley singletrack; and the opening of some of our north valley trails like Lupine, Snodgrass, Strand, and 409. We've gone through once again and gleaned our favorite photos from Instagram that use the hashtag #OneGoodRide and sorted them out for your viewing pleasure. The wildflowers are starting to go off so make sure your tagging your pictures too. We expect some stiff competition for the next Roundup in July.


lupine trail crested butte We can't count how many laps on Lupine we've already gotten this year. It's the perfect length for a relaxing ride during lunch or after work. We love the view in this photo. Good form too!


hartman rocks notch gunnison We're not sure where this is in Hartman's, but it's pretty cool. The towering rock formations and technical features they provide are probably the biggest reason we're so in love with the trail network there.


bike and wildflowers at hartman rocks @jason.janelle has been hammering at Hartman Rocks and taking some of the best pictures out there. It helps when your sweet Pivot matches the wilflower bloom so well.


rattlesnake at hartman rocks gunnison Just because it's a little cloudy doesn't mean you can't huck yourself. This one in particular is on Rattlesnake, a sneaky little technical trail not too far from the base area of Hartman's. It's definitely a bit a of a local's favorite and worth a ride if you're feeling up to it on your visit here.


cement creek mountain bike We're not against a little gravel grinding, especially early in the season. Chances are if you ride in the Cement Creek area you might know this spot too. It's the first real climb along the road, but it tops out to one of the best views anywhere.