Rider Profile: Amy Nolan

by Laurel Runcie

Rider Profile: Amy Nolan

by Laurel Runcie

CB Devo Director Amy Nolan shredding singletrack Over the course of the summer, we’ll be doing a series of blog posts profiling our local riding heroes. These are the people who inspire us to be better mountain bikers ourselves and we look to them as mountain bike role models. Amy Nolan is the executive director of Crested Butte Devo, a mountain bike program created to give youth in the Gunnison Valley a fun and safe outlet to explore our mountains here by bike. We partner with CB Devo on their flagship event, the Crested Butte Junior Wildflower Classic during Crested Butte Bike Week. The weekend-long festival includes a slow race, clinics, and races for kids of all ages, including the Strider Cup for the littlest of bikers and XC races for kids aged 6-17. Thank you, Amy, for all that you do for the youth!

What brought you to the Gunnison Valley? Were you riding before you moved here?

The mountains!  I was definitely more of a rock climber when I moved here but quickly became a mountain biker.

What’s your favorite Gunnison Valley trail?

Doctor Park…it NEVER gets old!

Favorite post-ride refuel food and beverage?

Chips and Ginger Ale

What’s the best costume you’ve ever seen at Chainless?/What’s the best costume you personally have ever worn at the Chainless?

Embarrassingly, I’ve never been or participated in the Chainless race. (Editor's note: we are shocked! We'll check back in with Amy after this year's Chainless!)

What’s your favorite Gunnison Valley bike event?

Junior Crested Butte Bike Week, of course!

What’s the best all-around bike for riding in the Gunnison Valley?

A full-suspension bike with 5” of travel and whatever size wheels make you happy.

How many miles of singletrack do you think you can knock out on Trailquest this season?

I think 200 would be a realistic goal.  I’m more of a “hot lap” rider these days with three kids of my own and over 130 Crested Butte Devo kids. The whole Nolan Family

What’s your favorite ride for wildflowers? What about for fall colors?

583/400 for flowers and Strand always blows my mind in the fall!!

What’s the biggest epic you’ve ever had riding in the Gunnison Valley?

Oh man, so many and most have been with one of my most favorite people in the world, Janae Pritchett. (Editor's Note: We also LOVE Janae Pritchett and look forward to profiling her later in the summer.) Not sure exactly what the order of trails was but it was something out in Cement Creek and we were out there forever hiking up stuff, turning around, doing it over again and had weather move in and back out…it was awesome!!

What’s the nastiest piece of gear you should throw away, but just can’t bring yourself to do?

My nine-year-old calls them “chamois shirts”…aka tight jerseys.

What bike part should you invest the most money into?


What’s your favorite biking hack under $10?

Does a spare hair tie count?

What’s a trail you haven’t ridden yet that is on your ride bucket list for this summer?

When you’ve lived here for 17 years, it’s pretty hard to name a trail you haven’t ridden.  I’d like to ride more in Cement Creek this summer for sure.

Fat bikes? Yes or no?

Not for me.
Family geared up for riding downhill at Evolution Bike Park