Rider Profile: Ashley Korenblat

by Laurel Runcie

Rider Profile: Ashley Korenblat

by Laurel Runcie

Over the course of the summer, we’ll be doing a series of blog posts profiling our local riding heroes. These are the people who inspire us to be better mountain bikers ourselves and we look to them as mountain bike role models.
Ashley Korenblat at her home base in Utah
Ashley Korenblat is owner of Western Spirit Cycling and mastermind behind Outerbike, the best bike demo event in the universe. We also consider her an honorary resident of the home of mountain biking! Realizing that only industry types were heading to the massive bike demos of Innerbike, Ashley decided to bring the chance to try all of the year's best bikes to every mountain biker and Outerbike was born. We have been attending the spring and fall events in Moab for the last several years and they're always a really good time. We're super happy to partner with Outerbike and be hosting the first annual Summer Outerbike in Mt. Crested Butte August 18-20, 2017. Register now to make sure you get a spot.

What brought you to the Gunnison Valley?

The first time I came to the Gunnison Valley it was for an IMBA board meeting and I actually road over from Aspen! When? 1990.

What’s your favorite Gunnison Valley trail?

Gotta say 401

Favorite post-ride refuel food and beverage?

Actually it is a breakfast bagel from Izzy’s

What’s the best costume you’ve ever seen at Chainless?

A tutu

What’s the best costume you personally have ever worn at the Chainless?

A pink downhill suit (Editor's Note: This sounds far more impressive than a tutu!)

What’s your favorite Gunnison Valley bike event?


What’s the best all-around bike for riding in the Gunnison Valley?

My new S-works Stumpjumper with the Eagle drivetrain is pretty amazing

How many miles of singletrack do you think you can knock out on Trailquest this season?

Depends if it’s lift-served or not :)

What’s your favorite ride for wildflowers? What about for fall colors?

Upper Loop has some amazing flowers with views of the peak in the background. For fall colors I think it’s hard to beat the Dyke trail

What’s the biggest epic you’ve ever had riding in the Gunnison Valley?

Reno-Flag-Bear -Deadmans is epic enough for me.

What’s the nastiest piece of gear you should throw away, but just can’t bring yourself to toss?

A really nasty old but still functioning Camelbak.

What bike part should you invest the most money into?

Your chamois or saddle Group of riders in Utah

What’s your favorite biking hack under $10?

Armor All on your spd pedals

What’s a trail you haven’t ridden yet that is on your ride bucket list for this summer?

The Green Lake Trail, plus I'm looking forward to riding all the trails in the Evolution Bike Park during Outerbike.

Fat bikes? Yes or no?

I’m starting with a plus bike, but sure, if a little is good, then why not?

Join Ashley and the whole Outerbike crew in Mt. Crested Butte this August. Spots are still available, but sign-ups are picking up. Register at the Outerbike website.