Rider Profile: Cooper Ott

by Daniel Kreykes

Rider Profile: Cooper Ott

by Daniel Kreykes

cooper ott cb devo coach
Over the course of the summer, we'll be doing a series of blog posts profiling our local riding heroes. These are the people who inspire us to be better mountain bikers ourselves and we look to them as mountain bike role models. Cooper Ott is the rider we all strive to be. Her original background is in cross-country racing, but starting last year she made waves in the western Enduro circuit. She was the overall female winner of the Big Mountain Enduro series in 2016, and has already started 2017 strong with wins at the Enduro Cup in Moab and the GoPro Games Enduro in Vail. Outside of racing Cooper is a dedicated member of the Gunnison Valley bike community and a coach for CB Devo throughout the summer. You can often find her out on the trails with a posse of kids eager to ride.

What brought you to the Gunnison Valley? Were you riding before you moved here?

My now husband and I had a quarter life crisis and came to the valley in search of adventure! Yes! Riding was a big reason why we moved to Crested Butte. We visited a few times before and we couldn’t think of any better place for skiing and biking. It still feels like we are on vacation!

What’s your favorite Gunnison Valley trail?

This is a tough one! Depends on the day, either Waterfall Creek or Doctors Park! Both have a good combination of rock smashing and fast flowy trail. cooper ott enduro racing

Favorite post-ride refuel food and beverage?

Teo for food and substitute Third Bowl ice cream for the beverage ;)

What’s the best costume you’ve ever seen at Chainless?/What’s the best costume you personally have ever worn at the Chainless?

I am afraid I will be shunned for my answer… but I have not been to the Chainless…

What’s your favorite Gunnison Valley bike event?

The Junior Wildflower Classic from Crested Butte Devo! #morekidsonbikes

What’s the best all-around bike for riding in the Gunnison Valley?

My choice would be the Trek Fuel EX, light enough to pedal up the climbs but still shreds the descents! But really any 5” travel bike will do the trick! cooper ott hartman rocks

How many miles of singletrack do you think you can knock out on Trailquest this season?

225. My guess is 100 of those miles will be with Crested Butte Devo!

What’s your favorite ride for wildflowers? What about for fall colors?

For wildflowers I think that 401 is beautiful but you really can’t go wrong! For fall colors Reno Flag Bear Deadmans… the rich brown fall dirt is truly a beautiful sight. The trees coming down Deadmans aren’t bad either.

What’s the biggest epic you’ve ever had riding in the Gunnison Valley?

The Big Mountain Enduro last year… ouch… so much hike-a-bike…

What’s the nastiest piece of gear you should throw away, but just can’t bring yourself to do?

Hydration pack bladders… so. gross.

What bike part should you invest the most money into?

It is not the most expensive, but I think that everyone should invest in a dropper post. Dropper posts make the descents so much more fun!!

What’s your favorite biking hack under $10?

I like to keep $10 in my pack as emergency ice cream money. It has saved my day many times.

What’s a trail you haven’t ridden yet that is on your ride bucket list for this summer?

Carbon trail… I hear there are lots of rocks.

Fat bikes? Yes or no?

...maybe… I love skiing cooper and phil ott skiing