Rider Profile: Dave Wiens

by Daniel Kreykes

Rider Profile: Dave Wiens

by Daniel Kreykes

Over the course of the summer, we'll be doing a series of blog posts profiling our local riding heroes. These are the people who inspire us to be better mountain bikers ourselves and we look to them as mountain bike role models.
Photo Credit: Angel King/ RTI Sports
Photo Credit: Angel King/ RTI Sports
Dave Wiens is a long-time Gunnison local, trail advocate, and mountain bike racer. Dave was hired this year as the new Executive Director of IMBA, and is the founder and former Executive Director of Gunnison Trails. Dave may be most known though for his record of six consecutive Leadville 100 wins, including wins over Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis. He has been an accomplished mountain bike racer for over twenty years, and continues to dominate in many of the local races in the valley.

What brought you to the Gunnison Valley?

I grew up in Denver and came to Western State right out of high school in 1982.

Were you riding before you moved here?

Yes, but not a mountain bike. I had a Stingray and a Schwinn Varsity and rode all over Denver on them.

What’s your favorite Gunnison Valley trail?

Hartman Rocks and the Signal Peak area. I don’t really have a favorite trail.

Favorite post-ride refuel food and beverage?

Susan’s cookies and big glass of ice water!

What’s the best costume you’ve ever seen at Chainless? What’s the best costume you personally have ever worn at the Chainless?

I live in Gunnison so I’m not affected by costumes.

What’s your favorite Gunnison Valley bike event?

The Original Growler!

What’s the best all-around bike for riding in the Gunnison Valley?

A 29er hardtail can pretty much do it all. dave wiens eldora

How many miles of singletrack do you think you can knock out on Trailquest this season?

That’s a good question.

What’s your favorite ride for wildflowers?

Hartman’s in wetter years. The flowers out there are subtle but this spring, the paintbrush went off.

What about for fall colors?

Doctor Park and the Dyke Trail.

What’s the biggest epic you’ve ever had riding in the Gunnison Valley?

I've forgotten more than I can remember.

What’s the nastiest piece of gear you should throw away, but just can’t bring yourself to do?

My old Tune Up jersey from 1988. It's red.
dave wiens in his early racing days

What bike part should you invest the most money into?


What’s your favorite biking hack under $10?

I always have a Powerbar in my pocket.

What’s a trail you haven’t ridden yet that is on your ride bucket list for this summer?

Mendicant Ridge or Dyer Creek.

Fat bikes? Yes or no?