by Laurel Runcie


by Laurel Runcie

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Why We Made TrailQuest

In the Gunnison Valley, we have over 750 miles of singletrack and 150+ trails ranging from high alpine singletrack to desert flow. TrailQuest challenges you to ride them all. CBGTrails runs off an open-source mapping program, so it's always up-to-date with new trails.

We built TrailQuest because we thought it would be fun! We're competitive here in Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley. We asked the team to build us a way to track unique miles of singletrack ridden in the Valley and then build a leaderboard where you can see who has ridden the most:

Here's Why You Should Join TrailQuest

The challenge with TrailQuest is to try to ride as many unique miles of singletrack in the Gunnison Valley as you can. Take our one good ride deserves another mantra to the next logical step and actually try to ride all 750 miles of trail. No matter if you're a one-time visitor or a seasoned local, TrailQuest and CBGTrails can be fun and useful. The map in CBGTrails is the only complete map of the Gunnison Valley trails. So whether you're new to the valley or not, you can discover beautiful, uncrowded trails with these tools.

To play, just download the app from your appropriate app store and sign up for an account for TrailQuest. From there, simply record your workout in the CBGTrails app. If you prefer, you can sync your Strava account and record there instead. Move up the leaderboard and plot your next adventure.

To sweeten the deal, we're offering some prizes you can earn by riding as many unique miles as possible this year. Here's our breakdown:
  • Ride 250 miles and receive a Gunnison Valley prize pack.
  • Ride 500 miles and receive even more Gunnison Valley swag.
  • Ride all 750 miles and receive a TrailQuest jersey.

Some Things You Should Know

This is a Herculean feat. Some of the miles will be hike-a-bike. We didn't make up this game because we thought it would be easy. We made it up because we imagined that it was hard, but possible, for some people. It may take a while, but that's part of the fun.

hike-a-bike on canyon creek monarch crest

Some of these trails are way out there, and very few people may have ever mountain biked on them. Part of our hope is that by making these trails part of the game, we can learn a lot about the full picture of trail resources in our Valley. In addition, by spreading riders out, we hope to reduce traffic on the most popular trails and increase it on the hidden gems.