Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create Track Recordings?

We removed track recording from the CBGtrails app because big companies make better track recorders (e.g., Strava and Garmin). If you use a track recorder that can sync to a Strava Account, (e.g., via the Garmin Connect app), you can use Strava to automatically sync your tracks to TrailQuest.

Q: What is TrailQuest?

TrailQuest is a challenge to see who can ride all 750 miles of mountain bike singletrack trails in the Gunnison Valley. The TrailQuest Challenge area is huge, so it is comprised of 11 smaller contest areas, each having its own leaderboard.

Also, there are weekly and monthly TrailQuest leaderboards so you can see how you stack up against other challengers in more bite-sized chunks of time.


You must travel the trails under your human power (i.e., walking counts). Only trails that permit bicycles count (see the CBGtrails map legend). Any track you created by actually traveling a trail in person on or after May 24, 2017, counts towards your TrailQuest total unique trail mileage. Unique trail miles are credited the first and only the first time you travel a trail in a track recording.

How do I import tracks into my CBGtrails/TrailQuest account?

There are three ways you can submit tracks:

  1. Sync your Strava account with your CBGtrails account.
  2. Sync another track recording account (e.g., Garmin Connect) that also syncs to your Strava account. This is worth the few moments it takes to set up. For example, all your writer has to do is press "save" on his Garmin WiFi enabled GPS device, which syncs to Garmin Connect, which syncs to Strava, which syncs to TrailQuest in a matter of seconds.
  3. Manually upload .gpx tracks to your CBGtrails account (tracks must have the .gpx extension).

How do I make observations?

Anyone with a CBGtrails account can crowdsource observations to the CBGtrails interactive map from the app or the website. We provide three kinds of prefabricated observation tags/markers:

  1. Trail Report - Use this to post observations of trail-related issues that need attention (e.g., down trees, trail repairs need, etc.). Land Stewards like the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association, United States Forest Service, Gunnison Trails, Crested Butte Conservation Corp and etc. use these reports to identify trail To-Do tasks. If you love trails and our trail community, use this trail reporting tool.
  2. Trail Signs - We'd like your help posting geolocated pictures from your phone of all the trail post signs in the area because they help us accurately map trails. Our mapping ethos is based on the principle that things should be mapped according to how they are signed on the ground.
  3. Trailhead - We'd like your help posting geolocated pictures of all trailheads (with parking) in the area. We attach Google Map directions to these markers so everyone can get directions to formal trailheads.

If your observation does not fit any of these categories, enter a custom tag in the tag box (e.g. cattle drive).

How do I download maps

Most of the CBGtrails area does not have cell service. Therefore, you must download maps so they will be accessible offline before you head out on the trails.

To download maps, go to the "Map" screen, and then click the download button in the right-side toolbar. From the map download screen you can download preconfigured map areas by simply pressing the download icon (i.e., inside the blue squares depicted below). For all other areas, you'll need to download a custom map. In iOS, the custom map download tool is comprised of a red download area box and grey handles you can drag. Once you set the custom area, click the download icon in the middle of the red square and give it a package name.


The Android user interface is not quite as slick (Mapbox's Android SDK is behind iOS), but it works essentially the same way. The map bounding box is selected by clicking the top right-hand and bottom left-hand corners of the desired map area to download. We're keeping our eye's peeled for updates of the map download user interface.

Note, the downloadable trail map works for all areas of Colorado. You're welcome :-).

CBGtrails map download screenshot
CBGtrails Custom Map Download Screen