How To Play TrailQuest

What is TrailQuest?

TrailQuest is a challenge to ride, hike or run every mile of trail in the Gunnison Valley. From the Continental Divide, to the West Elk Wilderness, to the Maroon Bells, our valley is comprised of over 2 million acres of public lands with one of the world’s largest trail networks.

Mountain Bike TrailQuest

Since summer 2017, riders from all over have been challenging themselves to explore new trails in the Gunnison Valley. By the end of 2018, three people had ridden all 750 miles of trail (and then some)! This is an ongoing challenge, with most finishers taking multiple seasons to pass the 750-mile mark. Prize packs will be awarded to riders who complete 250, 500 and 750 unique miles.

The TrailQuest Challenge area is huge, so it is comprised of 11 smaller contest areas, each having its own leaderboard. This makes it easier to plan rides, check your progress, and combine trails into larger unique mile chunks.

Any rides since May 24, 2017 can count towards TrailQuest. Once you sync your Strava (more on that below) you can download and import previous tracks to get unique mileage from previous rides. If you’re not a Strava fiend, you can sync a Fitbit or import .gpx tracks from other devices or platforms, too. You can also record your ride or hike directly on the CBGTrails app.

playing trailquest in hartman rocks gunnison colorado

Wilderness TrailQuest

With many TrailQuesters already running and hiking their miles, we decided that a new challenge was in order. Starting summer 2019, you can now compete in Wilderness TrailQuest to run or hike as many unique miles as possible on our foot-travel-specific trails. This contest has a separate leaderboard, but the players and methods of playing remain the same.

You can also import previous tracks back to May 24, 2017 to see how many unique miles you’ve done since the start of TrailQuest overall.

wilderness trailquest player in the backcountry of gunnison national forest


Trails may be traveled on bicycle, foot, horse or e-bike, as long as your method of travel is approved for that trail. All trails count, but you will be disqualified for riding bicycles on any trail that you are not legally allowed on. It’s your responsibility to obey all posted signage and rules from the land managers in the contest areas. Any track you created by actually traveling a trail in person on or after May 24, 2017, counts towards your TrailQuest total unique trail mileage. Unique trail miles are credited the first and only the first time you travel a trail in a track recording.

How to Submit Tracks

There are four ways you can submit tracks:

  1. Record your workout locally on the CBGTrails app. (This is the easiest way.)
  2. Sync your Strava account with your CBGTrails account.
  3. Sync another track recording account (e.g., Garmin Connect) that also syncs to your Strava account. This is worth the few moments it takes to set up. For example, all one has to do is record a track with a Garmin device. When you press "save" on a Garmin WiFi enabled GPS device, it will sync to Garmin Connect app, which syncs to Strava, which syncs to TrailQuest in a matter of seconds. Nifty!
  4. Manually upload .gpx tracks to your CBGTtrails account via (tracks must have the .gpx extension). This is the best way to gain credit for trails traveled on or after May 24, 2017.