How to Sync Strava to CBGTrails

Sync Strava To CBGtrails

Follow these steps below to sync your CBGtrails account to Strava on the website,
not the mobile app!

It's super easy. After you find the first Strava button in your profile, follow the prompts!

See Strava's Support Page for syncing apps to Strava (e.g. Garmin Connect) that will then sync to CBGtrails.

The steps for syncing Strava to CBGtrails are as follows:

1. Go to your user profile page and click the Strava button

2. Under the Strava tab, click "Link Strava Account"

3. Authorize Traildock to connect to Strava

Traildock is the platform running the CBGtrails apps. Click the "Authorize" button.

4. Log into Strava

If you are already logged in, Strava will connect. If not, you'll need to log in. Create a Strava account if you don't have one.

5. Import your Strava tracks

All your Strava tracks created prior to syncing will need to be manually imported. All future tracks will automatically sync.