Created: Monday, May 18th 2020, 5:06:31 pm by Derrick
Woods Walk
1.46 mi
There's a lot of ways to get from A to B, but the Woods Walk has got to be the prettiest route from town to the Lower Loop and the rest of the Slate River Valley trails. You can pick up the Woods Walk at any one of a number of trailheads: on Kebler Pass Road, at the end of Teocalli Avenue, and out Peanut Lake Road. Depending where you start, you'll cruise through aspen trees or an open singletrack lined with wildflowers with  STUNNING views of Mt. CB. A great place to start with kids or beginning riders, you can always tack on the Lower Loop or just swing back to town on Peanut Lake Road. For more advanced riders, it's so smooth and flowy, just push on the gas and let 'er ride!

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